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After more than 25 highly productive years in the catering and community feeding sector, Luchs AG, under the leadership of Christoph Koppik and Tim Steinrücken, is launching its ambitious digital financing campaign on CONDA Capital Market. The goal is to continue the company’s successful history and to enter new markets in Europe.

Bochum/Munich/Vienna, 03-18-2024 Luchs AG from Bochum specializes in the distribution of catering equipment and impresses not only as a reliable partner for the gastronomy, hotel industry, and community feeding, but has also contributed to making the Bochum region an attractive economic location. As a top employer in the region, the company creates important jobs and has proven itself to be an innovative and future-oriented company in its 25-year company history.

Via a digital financing campaign on the CONDA Capital Market platform, Luchs AG, currently active in Germany and Austria, aims to generate the capital for a planned expansion into Switzerland and beyond. The long-term goal is European market leadership in the B2B e-commerce sector for catering equipment, including dishes, cutlery, glasses, buffet, kitchen, and storage equipment, as well as large kitchen technology. Investors have the opportunity to invest in the company by purchasing senior bonds with a nominal value of EUR 250 each and an annual interest rate of 9% through the financing campaign from CONDA. The issuance is one of the first to be processed on CONDA’s subsidiary platform, CONDA Capital Market. A significant factor is the ECSP license from CONDA Capital Market, which allows for EU-wide cross-border, prospectus-free securities issuances for financing projects.


From proven quality to innovative expansion

Christoph Koppik founded Luchs AG in 1999 and continuously developed the business model. The company now employs over 75 staff members. Since great value is placed on the development of the team and the personal strengths of team members, large parts of the workforce have been part of Luchs AG for over 20 years. From a classic catalog distributor, the medium-sized, owner-managed company advanced to a successful and professional multi-channel provider with a target audience of hotels and restaurants, catering companies, schools, day-care centers, senior facilities, and hospitals. Since then, Luchs AG has focused on the development and adaptation of the product range, which now comprises over 20,000 different items and is stored in its own warehouse and logistics center with an area of 10,000m².

Especially the last few years have proved to be extremely profitable for the company. Thus, the turnover in 2021 was around 12 million euros, while in 2022 it had already risen to 22.7 million euros. Also, in the past fiscal year 2023, the company again achieved record numbers. The turnover increased by 13% compared to the previous year to 25.7 million euros. With this continuous growth course, the company now wants to take the next strategic step. The introduction of its new online distribution concept GASTRO DISCOUNT, which has already been successful in Austria, is now intended to serve as a springboard for entering new markets in the European area. Unlike the multi-channel strategy proven in Germany, GASTRO DISCOUNT relies on a pure online distribution channel, which should enable efficient and cost-effective expansion into the European area.


Becoming part of the success story

“Investing in Luchs AG offers investors the opportunity to be part of a promising expansion and to benefit from the growth of an already established company,” says Christoph Koppik, CEO of Luchs AG. “Investors have the chance to invest directly in our growth strategy and benefit from significant sales growth, a solid financial base, and a clear, future-oriented business model,” Koppik adds.

The campaign offers investors the opportunity to invest by purchasing senior bonds with a nominal value of EUR 250, with the total issuance volume at EUR 800,000. The bonds offer an annual interest rate of 9%. For investments of 5,000, 10,000, and 20,000 euros, Luchs AG also offers staggered premiums in the form of value vouchers for the company’s online shop.

“The digital financing campaign is a great opportunity for us. We are ready to conquer the European market with GASTRO DISCOUNT. We want to go this way with our investors and let them share in this success,” Koppik concludes.


This is a marketing communication, it is non-binding and not an offer. It is not an investment recommendation and does not replace investment advice. The acquisition of this investment is associated with significant risks; up to and including total loss. Inform yourself carefully before investing and seek professional advice.

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