Business Continuity in Times of Crisis

Business Continuity Plan

Our business continuity in times of crisis is of the utmost importance to ensure that our operational and business services can be delivered properly under all circumstances. Our Business Continuity Plan (BCM) has been developed to ensure the continuity of our activities in the event of failures or operational interruptions.

Goal of BCM

Our Business Continuity Plan focuses on operational and business services that are crucial. These are services whose failure would significantly impact our compliance with obligations as a crowdfunding service provider according to applicable regulations and requirements. Our goal is to consistently provide these services and ensure the solidity and continuity of our business operations.

Measures to Ensure Continuity:

Our extensive measures aim to ensure smooth operations and minimize disruptions. Here are some key measures from our Business Continuity Plan:

  1. Backups of contracts and critical data: Regular backups ensure that important data can be preserved or restored in the event of IT disruptions.
  2. Redundant IT infrastructure through cloud computing: The use of cloud computing allows for the proper management of agreements, even in the event of a platform outage.
  3. Reporting and documentation obligations: Through appropriate reporting and documentation procedures, we ensure that business data and agreements are properly managed, even if operations cannot be continued.

Communication and Notifications:

In the event of an outage, we have established clear communication guidelines:

  • Customers, investors, and employees will be informed about the outage, the reasons, and countermeasures based on the expected duration of the interruption.
  • Project creators will have access to their project data, and investors will have access to their investor profiles to obtain information about their investments.
  • Authorities will be informed according to guidelines, depending on the duration of the interruption.

Insolvency Scenario:

In the event of insolvency proceedings, we have defined clear procedures to maintain business operations in accordance with the relevant legal framework.

Our comprehensive measures and clear procedures ensure that our services and obligations can be seamlessly maintained even in times of crisis. Our Business Continuity Plan ensures that both our customers and investors can trust that their interests are protected, even in challenging situations.