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When it comes to your investment strategy, you have various options available.

Before making your choice, you should thoroughly inform yourself about the potential returns, risks, and contract terms. We provide you with crucial information about each investment opportunity. You can choose between fixed or variable interest rates or equity, depending on the type of return you are aiming for. The duration, industry, and future plans of the company should factor into your strategic considerations. Note that business models may vary; it is important to understand how the company operates and generates profits.

Get an overview of the various investment options we offer on our platform. From stocks to bonds to alternative investments, we provide you with a basic orientation on the different ways to profitably invest your money. Learn the fundamentals and characteristics of each asset class to make informed investment decisions.

Asset classes

Interest-bearing investments

When engaging in interest-bearing investments, you gain access to compelling fixed or variable interest rates coupled with predetermined terms. Your investment not only allows you to capitalize on these enticing returns but also serves as a catalyst for fostering growth and innovation, actively contributing to the shaping of Europe's future. Explore exclusive investment opportunities on our platform, where you can strategically invest in bonds.

Direct participation

Through direct participation in innovative enterprises, you stand to benefit not only from dividend distributions but also from the escalating corporate value and successful exits. Your involvement ensures that you become an integral part of the company's success, allowing you to partake in exciting business models.

Diverse stages of corporate development call for various forms of investor participation. With CONDA Capital Market, you have the opportunity to subscribe to different types of investments:

  1. Common Stock (Registered or Bearer Shares)
  2. GmbH Share via SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) + Participatory Certificate

Mezzanine Investments

Financial instruments that blend interest-bearing assets with corporate participations are referred to as mezzanine investments. They combine elements of equity and debt and are often deployed within the realm of younger enterprises, providing an increased potential return in exchange for the heightened risk.

Explore investment options such as:

  1. Participatory Certificate
  2. Subordinated Bond
  3. Convertible Bond

For additional investment opportunities through subordinated loans, please visit CONDA Crowdinvesting.

Investment Products

CONDA Capital Market: für Investitionen in den europäischen Mittelstand.


A bond is an interest-bearing security that grants investors the right to receive fixed and/or variable interest payments, as well as the repayment of the nominal amount.

Advantages: predictable interest, fixed term

Disadvantage: potential capital loss, no participation in the company's success

CONDA Capital Market: für Investitionen in den europäischen Mittelstand.


As a stock holder, you are a shareholder and thus a part-owner of the company. This entails shareholder rights, such as the entitlement to profits, participation in decisions during the annual general meeting, and access to information. If the company generates profits, these can be distributed as dividends.

Advantages: Participation in the company's success (especially in growth)

Disadvantages: Higher risk than a bond because there is only a claim to dividends, and increases in value are realized only through the sale of the stock.

CONDA Capital Market: für Investitionen in den europäischen Mittelstand.

Participation Certificate

It represents the right to a claim against the company, for example, in profits, and the right to the repayment of the nominal amount.

Advantages: Possible participation in the company's success, fixed term

Disadvantages: Shared market risk, distribution risk

CONDA Capital Market: für Investitionen in den europäischen Mittelstand.

Convertible Bond

A convertible bond is a special form of a bond that grants investors the right to convert the bond into a corporate equity stake at a later date. This conversion process typically occurs at a pre-established conversion rate or price.

Advantages: Fixed interest during the bond's term; upon conversion, you benefit from the increase in the company's value

Disadvantages: Potential capital loss if the company's value falls below the conversion price

CONDA Capital Market: für Investitionen in den europäischen Mittelstand.

Hybrid Investment Products

Bonds or convertible bonds can also be offered as subordinated. This means that investors waive repayments and interest in favor of all other creditors. For investors, this entails a higher risk, usually compensated with higher interest rates.

Advantages: Potentially higher interest rates compared to primary investment products

Disadvantages: Higher risk of total loss (in the event of insolvency, there is usually no claim to a share of assets)

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