Complaint management

The Complaint Process

CONDA Capital Market has a complaint management system that allows you to submit complaints easily and specifically in accordance with legal requirements.

It is important to us to ensure prompt, fair, and consistent handling of customer complaints through an effective and transparent process.

Please use the complaint form provided below to submit your complaint. You can send the complaint electronically to the contact listed below. Postal submission of the complaint is also possible.

Procedure of the Complaint Process

If you wish to file a complaint against the products or services of CONDA Capital Market, please send the complaint form provided below to

Within 2 business days, we will confirm the receipt of your complaint. Within 10 days, we will inform you whether the complaint is accepted and explain the reasoning if your complaint is not deemed admissible.

You will receive a response to your complaint within 20 business days. If the response is delayed, we will inform you of the status of your complaint within the 20 business days. In any case, CONDA Capital Market aims not to exceed a deadline of 30 business days.

With the acknowledgment of receipt, we will inform you to which department or employee you can address questions and specify the pending deadlines.

If relevant information is missing for the processing of your complaint, we will request it. The processing of the complaint may be delayed as a result.

Communication related to your complaint will be conducted in writing electronically. Upon your explicit request, communication can also be in paper form.

CONDA Capital Market maintains an internal complaint register, in which actions resulting from complaints, communication, and resolution decisions are stored.

The storage of data in CONDA Capital Market's internal complaint register is for 5 years. Data protection concerns are always taken into account.

In dealing with your complaint, we always strive to find a structural solution to the problem, especially if it is a complaint that occurs frequently within a short period. We note that, in handling complaints, we always adhere to the principles of equal treatment of investors and cannot provide legal advice.

It should be noted that complaints related to circumstances that occurred more than one year before the complaint is filed will not be processed.

Employees or partners affected by complaints at CONDA Capital Market are always discussed with the responsible person unless expressly objected to.

For submission via email or post, please use the following form: Download Form

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