The advantages of tokenised shares

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Blocktrade has developed a pioneering platform that is revolutionising the market as the first fully EU-regulated and gamified platform for digital assets, gaming and trading. The innovative EPIC Blocktrade technology enhances the shopping experience and allows users to receive instant cashback. Full EU regulation with more than 5000 shareholders creates trust and transparency. Blocktrade offers merchants an easy way to accept crypto payments and is committed to having more than 100,000 shops connected to its network by the end of 2024.

Your advantage?

You get tokenised shares for your investment on Blocktrade and can manage your shares on the Blocktrade shareholder portal, similar to shares on a stock exchange, but easier and faster.

What does the tokenisation of shares mean?

Share tokenisation means that shares are converted into digital assets using a blockchain. Instead of paper documents for ownership of a company that have to be signed and delivered by hand, you benefit from digital tokens that show that you own part of the company. In legal terms, this form of share is a digital representation of Blocktrade S.A.’s share register via the blockchain.

What are the arguments in favour of tokenised Blocktrade shares?

Blocktrade tokenized shares

-> Liquidity

You can buy and sell your tokenised shares at any time on the Blocktrade platform.

-> Availability

You have full control over the quantity and timing (24/7) of trading in your tokenised shares.

-> Easy to manage

No lengthy and expensive paperwork is required to sell and buy your tokenised shares.

-> Reliable assets

Tokenised shares can be reliable assets and their value can grow with the success of the company.

How to get your tokenised shares:

In 6-8 weeks after buying shares on CONDA Capital Market, you will get access to the Blocktrade shareholder portal and you will receive your tokenised shares.
Once the public offering is officially closed and all required documentation is received, you will be able to trade your tokenised shares via the Blocktrade shareholder portal in the third quarter of 2024.

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*This information is for advertising and information purposes only, is non-binding and constitutes neither an offer to buy nor an investment recommendation and does not replace investment advice. The acquisition of this investment is associated with considerable risks, up to and including total loss. The personal characteristics of the investor (such as experience and knowledge, investment objective, financial circumstances, loss-bearing capacity, risk tolerance) must always be taken into account when selecting the investment strategy or financial instrument. Your investment is not protected by the European Deposit Guarantee Schemes. Find out more here.

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